Battery For:
Battery Features:        
  • Composition: Silver Oxide
  • Voltage: 1.55V
Note : Used in Watches, Calculators, Small Electronics, Toys, Lasers & Medical Devices Requiring 1.55 Volts Of Power.

...Compatible with other Watch Brands and many more Applications.
Watch battery Installtion:
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1.Opening a Snap Back Watch:
a.Find the small indentation on the back of the watch:
Turn the watch over and find the small hole or indentation that's on the side of the watch, between the watch back and the watch itself. This indentation is created specifically to help you pry off the back of the watch.
b. Slip a sharp tool into the indentation:
Find a tool that's small enough to fit into the indentation you discovered. Tools like a small flathead screwdriver created for eyeglasses or a small blade may fit it into the indentation.
c.Twist the tool to pop off the back casing:
Use the blade or the screwdriver like a lever to pry up one side of the watch back. Once it comes loose, you can grab onto it with your hand to carefully remove the back of the watch.
d.Snap the back of the watch back into the casing:
After you replace the battery, align the dials on the side of the watch with the indentations on the back of the watch. Press down heavily on the watch back until it snaps back into place.
2. Removing a Watch Back with Screws:
a. Unscrew the screws from the back:
There should be small screws on the backside of your watch. These screws keep the back in place. To remove them, use a small screwdriver and turn the screws until you can remove them from the watch. Make sure to put the small screws in a safe place, like a ziplock bag, so that you don't lose them.
b.Remove the back plate:
Fit the new battery into the slot where the old one was. Normally, the battery fits with the positive side face-up. You won’t need to do anything else to secure it besides fitting it into the battery slot.
C.Rescrew the screws into the back of the watch:
Once you replace the battery, press the back of the watch back onto the watch and take the small screws that you removed earlier and screw them back into their holes.