Replacement SLA Battery For:
Battery Features:
  • Type: Sealed Lead Acid
  • Capacity: 4.5Ah
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Terminal Type: F1
 battery for sla 6v 4.5ah
 battery for sla 6v 4.5ah

Replacement SLA Battery For:

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Condition Type
 battery for sla 6v 4.5ah
 battery for sla 6v 4.5ah

Replacement SLA Battery For:

3-Pack ($20.95 per Item)
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Condition Type

SLA Battery For 6V-4.5Ah

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Battery Detail

ExpertPower sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are manufactured in a variety of sizes and amp hour (AH) ratings allowing for maximum flexibility in design and use. Our SLAs can be discharged in any position due to their valve-regulated design. They require no special handling when shipping. These batteries provide reliable power output in a variety of applications due to their advanced plate and separator materials and precise electrolyte delivery. This results in greater efficiency and improved ability to recover from deep discharge.
  • Battery Back-ups:
  • Trail cameras:
  • Exercise equipment:
  • (APC, Tripp lite)
  • (Primos, Wildgame…)
  • (Lifefitness, SportsArt)
  • Kids Ride-on vehicles:
  • Fish, Deer and Bird feeder/decoy devices:
  • Emergency Lights:
  • (Peg Perego, Fisher Price, Dynastar)
  • (American Hunter, Moultrie, Boss buck, Mojo…)
  • (Dual-light; SL1, 12-255, 12-295. Emergi-lite; EC-2, ME2N, M1, WSMX14R, Lithonia. Atlite; 24-1001, 24-1002, JM6M4. Astralite. High Lites; 39-01, Light-Alarms; 860-0004, CE1-5BF, CE1-5BK, CE1-5BL, CE1-5BN, CE1-5BS. SureLite; 26-02, 26-78, 26-117. Trio Lighting)
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