Fuji AA (4-Pack)

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  • Technical Features

Technical Features for Fuji AA (4-Pack)

  • Composition: NiMH
Replacement Battery For The Following
Fuji Camera Models
Finepix 1300
Finepix 1400 Zoom
Finepix 2200
Finepix 2300
Finepix 2300 Zoom
Finepix 2400 Zoom
Finepix 2600Z
Finepix 2650
Finepix 2800HD
Finepix 2800Z
Finepix 30I
Finepix 310
Finepix 310 Zoom
Finepix 3800
Finepix 3800Z
Finepix 40I
Finepix 4700 Zoom
Finepix 865KG
Finepix A100
Finepix A101
Finepix A120
Finepix A150
Finepix A170
Finepix A200
Finepix A201
Finepix A202
Finepix A203
Finepix A204
Finepix A205 Zoom
Finepix A205S
Finepix A210 Zoom
Finepix A220
Finepix A303
Finepix A310
Finepix A310 Zoom
Finepix A330
Finepix A330 Zoom
Finepix A340
Finepix A340 Zoom
Finepix A345
Finepix A345 Zoom
Finepix A350
Finepix A350 Zoom
Finepix A400
Finepix A400 Zoom
Finepix A403
Finepix A500
Finepix A500 Zoom
Finepix A510
Finepix A600
Finepix A600 Zoom
Finepix A610
Finepix A700
Finepix A800
Finepix A820
Finepix A850
Finepix A900
Finepix A920
Finepix HS10
Finepix HS11EXR
Finepix HS20EXR
Finepix HS22EXR
Finepix IS1
Finepix S1000FD
Finepix S1500
Finepix S1500FD
Finepix S1500SW
Finepix S1600
Finepix S1800
Finepix S1880
Finepix S20 PRO
Finepix S2000HD
Finepix S2500HD
Finepix S2550HD
Finepix S2600HD
Finepix S2700
Finepix S2800HD
Finepix S2900HD
Finepix S2950
Finepix S2990
Finepix S3 PRO
Finepix S3000
Finepix S3000 Z
Finepix S304
Finepix S3100
Finepix S3200
Finepix S3250
Finepix S3300
Finepix S3350
Finepix S3400
Finepix S3450
Finepix S3500
Finepix S3500 Zoom
Finepix S4000
Finepix S4050
Finepix S4800
Finepix S5000
Finepix S5000 Z
Finepix S5100
Finepix S5100 Zoom
Finepix S5200
Finepix S5200 Zoom
Finepix S5500
Finepix S5600 Zoom
Finepix S5700
Finepix S5800
Finepix S6000
Finepix S6000FD
Finepix S602Z
Finepix S602Z PRO
Finepix S9000
Finepix S9500
FujiFilm IX10
FujiFilm IX100
Finepix MX-1200
Finepix MX-1400
Finepix MX-1500
Finepix XIA IX10
Finepix XIA IX100
SmartShot Plus
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