Replacement Battery for HP 480385-001 / LBHP25AA / LTLI-9125-4.4 (3-Pack)

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  • Technical Features

Technical Features for Hewlett Packard Replacement Battery for HP 480385-001 / LBHP25AA / LTLI-9125-4.4 (3-Pack)

Battery Features:
  • Composition: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 14.4V
  • Capacity: 4400 mAh
Replacement Battery For The Following
HP Laptop Models
Pavilion Series
Pavilion DV7
Pavilion DV7- 1128CA
Pavilion DV7/CT
Pavilion DV7-1000
Pavilion DV7-1000EA
Pavilion DV7-1001
Pavilion DV7-1001EA
Pavilion DV7-1001TX
Pavilion DV7-1001XX
Pavilion DV7-1002
Pavilion DV7-1002EA
Pavilion DV7-1002TX
Pavilion DV7-1002XX
Pavilion DV7-1003
Pavilion DV7-1003EA
Pavilion DV7-1003TX
Pavilion DV7-1003XX
Pavilion DV7-1004EA
Pavilion DV7-1004TX
Pavilion DV7-1005EG
Pavilion DV7-1005TX
Pavilion DV7-1006TX
Pavilion DV7-1007TX
Pavilion DV7-1008TX
Pavilion DV7-1009TX
Pavilion DV7-1010ET
Pavilion DV7-1010TX
Pavilion DV7-1011TX
Pavilion DV7-1012TX
Pavilion DV7-1013TX
Pavilion DV7-1014CA
Pavilion DV7-1014TX
Pavilion DV7-1015EG
Pavilion DV7-1015TX
Pavilion DV7-1016NR
Pavilion DV7-1016TX
Pavilion DV7-1017TX
Pavilion DV7-1018EG
Pavilion DV7-1018TX
Pavilion DV7-1019TX
Pavilion DV7-1020
Pavilion DV7-1020EA
Pavilion DV7-1020EG
Pavilion DV7-1020EL
Pavilion DV7-1020ES
Pavilion DV7-1020TX
Pavilion DV7-1020US
Pavilion DV7-1021TX
Pavilion DV7-1022TX
Pavilion DV7-1023CL
Pavilion DV7-1023EM
Pavilion DV7-1023TX
Pavilion DV7-1024TX
Pavilion DV7-1025EG
Pavilion DV7-1025NR
Pavilion DV7-1025TX
Pavilion DV7-1026TX
Pavilion DV7-1027CA
Pavilion DV7-1027TX
Pavilion DV7-1029TX
Pavilion DV7-1030EB
Pavilion DV7-1030EL
Pavilion DV7-1030EN
Pavilion DV7-1030EP
Pavilion DV7-1030TX
Pavilion DV7-1031TX
Pavilion DV7-1034CA
Pavilion DV7-1034TX
Pavilion DV7-1035EF
Pavilion DV7-1035EM
Pavilion DV7-1038CA
Pavilion DV7-1040EC
Pavilion DV7-1040EF
Pavilion DV7-1040EM
Pavilion DV7-1040ES
Pavilion DV7-1040ET
Pavilion DV7-1040EW
Pavilion DV7-1045EG
Pavilion DV7-1045TX
Pavilion DV7-1050EA
Pavilion DV7-1050EF
Pavilion DV7-1050EG
Pavilion DV7-1050ER
Pavilion DV7-1051XX
Pavilion DV7-1052XX
Pavilion DV7-1053EZ
Pavilion DV7-1053XX
Pavilion DV7-1055EA
Pavilion DV7-1060EC
Pavilion DV7-1060EF
Pavilion DV7-1060EN
Pavilion DV7-1060EP
Pavilion DV7-1060EZ
Pavilion DV7-1065EF
Pavilion DV7-1070ED
Pavilion DV7-1070EE
Pavilion DV7-1070EF
Pavilion DV7-1070EG
Pavilion DV7-1070EK
Pavilion DV7-1070EL
Pavilion DV7-1070EO
Pavilion DV7-1075LA
Pavilion DV7-1080ED
Pavilion DV7-1080EL
Pavilion DV7-1080EO
Pavilion DV7-1080ES
Pavilion DV7-1080EW
Pavilion DV7-1080EZ
Pavilion DV7-1090EB
Pavilion DV7-1090ED
Pavilion DV7-1090EN
Pavilion DV7-1090ER
Pavilion DV7-1093EO
Pavilion DV7-1094EO
Pavilion DV7-1095EO
Pavilion DV7-1098EO
Pavilion DV7-1099EF
Pavilion DV7-1100
Pavilion DV7-1123CA
Pavilion DV7-1130
Pavilion DV7-1130US
Pavilion DV7-1134
Pavilion DV7-1137
Pavilion DV7-1150
Pavilion DV7-1150US
Pavilion DV7-1153CA
Pavilion DV7-1170
Pavilion DV7-1170US
Pavilion DV7-1174CA
Pavilion DV7-1177CA
Pavilion DV7-1245DX
Pavilion DV7-1270
Pavilion DV7-1270CA
Pavilion DV7-2000
Pavilion DV7-2001XX
Pavilion DV7-2002TU
Pavilion DV7-2003TX
Pavilion DV7-2012TX
Pavilion DV7-2013TX
Pavilion DV7-2016TX
Pavilion DV7-2021TX
Pavilion DV7-2040CA
Pavilion DV7-2040US
Pavilion DV7-2043CL
Pavilion DV7-3000
Pavilion DV7-3001XX
Pavilion DV7-3002TX
Pavilion DV7-3003TX
Pavilion DV7-3010EW
Pavilion DV7-3020EW
Pavilion DV7-3025SF
Pavilion DV7-3030EW
Pavilion DV7-3051XX
Pavilion DV7-3057NR
Pavilion DV7-3060US
Pavilion DV7-3061NR
Pavilion DV7-3063CL
Pavilion DV7-3065DX
Pavilion DV7-3067CL
Pavilion DV7-3067NR
Pavilion DV7-3069WM
Pavilion DV7-3078NR
Pavilion DV7-3079NR
Pavilion DV7-3079WM
Pavilion DV7-3080ED
Pavilion DV7-3080US
Pavilion DV7-3085DX
Pavilion DV7-3089NR
Pavilion DV7-3090ED
Pavilion DV7-3171NR
Pavilion DV7T
Pavilion DV7T-1000
Pavilion DV7T-1000CTO
Pavilion DV7T-2000CTO
Pavilion DV7T-3000CTO
Pavilion DV7Z
Pavilion DV7Z-1000
Pavilion DV7Z1000CTO
Pavilion DV8-1000
Pavilion DV8-1000EB
Pavilion DV8-1001XX
Pavilion DV8-1003TX
Pavilion DV8-1010TX
Pavilion DV8-1080ED
Pavilion DV8T-1000
Pavilion DV8T1000CTO
Pavilion HDX X18
Pavilion HDX X18-1000
Pavilion HDX X18-1000EO
Pavilion HDX X18-1001TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1001XX
Pavilion HDX X18-1002TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1003TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1004TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1005EA
Pavilion HDX X18-1005TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1006TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1007TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1008TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1009TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1010EA
Pavilion HDX X18-1010TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1011TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1012TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1013TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1014TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1015TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1016TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1017TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1018TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1020US
Pavilion HDX X18-1023CA
Pavilion HDX X18-1024CA
Pavilion HDX X18-1027CL
Pavilion HDX X18-1050EB
Pavilion HDX X18-1050EF
Pavilion HDX X18-1050ER
Pavilion HDX X18-1058CA
Pavilion HDX X18-1070EE
Pavilion HDX X18-1080ED
Pavilion HDX X18-1080EG
Pavilion HDX X18-1080EL
Pavilion HDX X18-1080EP
Pavilion HDX X18-1080ES
Pavilion HDX X18-1080ET
Pavilion HDX X18-1080EW
Pavilion HDX X18-1088EZ
Pavilion HDX X18-1090EZ
Pavilion HDX X18-1099UX
Pavilion HDX X18-1101TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1105TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1106TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1110TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1113TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1116TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1180CA
Pavilion HDX X18-1180US
Pavilion HDX X18-1203TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1205TX
Pavilion HDX X18-1206TX
Pavilion HDX X18T
Pavilion HDX X18T-1000
Pavilion HDX X18T-1000CTO
Pavilion HDX X18T-1100CTO
Pavilion HDX X18T-1200CTO
Pavilion HDX18
Pavilion HDX18-1000
Pavilion HDX18-1020
Pavilion HDX18-1100
Pavilion HDX18-1200
Pavilion HDX18T
Pavilion HDX18T-1000
HP Battery Models
The Battery for HP 480385-001 (3-Pack) has many exciting features for users of all types. You can extend the lifetime of your Battery for HP 480385-001 (3-Pack) with the purchase of a FactoryOutletStore Factory Protection Plan. The Battery for HP 480385-001 (3-Pack) is sold as a Brand New Unopened Item.